Welcome to Paxcroft Mead Residents' Association

The main aims of the Association will be to improve the quality of life on Paxcroft Mead and represent the interests of its residents. We see it as working in two ways: pro-active and re-active.

Our pro-active undertaking will be to identify projects, both short and long term, which would enhance life on Paxcroft Mead. Suggestions for short-term aims include the improvement of the footpath network, through the installation of benches and signposts. A more long-term goal would be the provision of a medical centre on Paxcroft Mead. There is a real will amongst all the local agencies to achieve this goal, but we need to demonstrate a groundswell of public support in order to make it happen.

On the re-active front, our aim is to provide a mechanism for Paxcroft Mead residents to support one another in solving on-going problems. Trying to deal with these issues on an individual basis is often stressful and frustrating. By banding together, as a properly constituted residents' association, we can get the local authorities to work with us to reach a proper resolution.

All that you will need to do to become a member is to register your contact details with the secretary by clicking on the “Forum Membership” menu link above.  Membership registration is free and open to all residents of Paxcroft Mead over 16 years of age.  Being a member of the Forum will mean that you will be kept informed of all developments and will be able to ask for the Forum's help when you need it.

Skate park update

The planning application for the skate park is now in. It is certainly a long time since the meeting in November 2012 when residents agreed to go ahead with the skate park project. Since that time there has been a lot of hard work to get over all the hurdles placed in our way, but we are delighted that we finally made it. Inevitably some of the newer Paxcroft Mead residents will not of heard of these plans, and indeed there have been a number of objections from them to the application. However we have put together three leaflets dealing with the site location, what the skate park will be like and most importantly, the issue that is central to the project, skate parks and anti-social behaviour.

Click here to view the leaflets

The Henry de Bohun Heritage Festival 2016

From Saturday 3rd September - Friday 16th September there will be a number of events under the banner of The Henry de Bohun Heritage Festival 2016 taking place in Trowbridge.

A leaflet and poster have been produced which give details of the week's activities. Click here for the poster about the various events taking place.
This year marks 950 years since the Battle of Hastings, so the Festival will be hosting an entertaining event at the Civic Centre on Friday 16th September. Click here for the flyer about the conference.